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How to: Pronounce those unusual food names

By June 20, 2017Uncategorised


Although we may not admit to it, we all struggle with those new, trending food names and muffle them under our breath when speaking out loud. With new health foods trending regularly, we thought we’d break down those hard-to-pronounce food names for you to avoid those awkward moments with your foodie friends, enjoy!


It’s our #1 choice for breakfast, lunch and sometimes, even dinner. We love our Frozen Organic Acai packs, so we thought we’d teach you all how to say it correctly. You pronounce Acai – “Ah-Sai-Ee”. So many people pronounce this “A-Cai-Ee”, or “Ac-Eye”, so now you don’t have to be one of them!


Now this has been around for a little longer, so majority of you will already know how to pronounce this one but for those who don’t – it’s pronounced “Keen-Wah”, not “Kween-Oh-Ah” or “Quinn-Oh-Ah”. You can thank us later.


Now this one is a little tricky – majority of us have tried this delicious Asian food trend, and go back time and time again for more! But do you actually say what it is, or just point to it on the menu? Many of us would automatically pronounce this as “P-O-H” or “F-Ow”, when in actual fact it is pronounce “F-uh”.


This one, we constantly go to order as an entrée, or share plate and kind of just say “cha…. That one” and point at our menu’s and make sad eyes at the waiter to say “don’t just me please”. This one is pronounced “shahr-KOO-tuhr-ee”.



This one has got me stumped SO many times that I’ve not ordered it because of the embarrassment of trying to say it aloud! I’ve attempted so many times, trying “Ed-A-Meme” or “Eda-Mamme” and after the waiter gives me confused looks, I end up just pointing to it on the menue and putting my head down! The correct way to pronounce this is “ed-dah-mah-meh”.

Alas, there we are! We hope this saves you some embarrassment at your next dining experience! #Creative Gourmet