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How to: Switch off & Sleep

By August 11, 2017Uncategorised

It is a common problem for the people of today, and one that can only be overcome by a change in mindset. What are we talking about? Sleep! Most of us do not get anywhere near enough, and are often tired throughout the day and then wide-awake at bedtime. We have a few tips and tricks for how to wind down throughout the evening to get your body ready for sleep. Check them out;


There is nothing that makes us sleepier than reading a good book before bed. Instead of tuning into the television right before bedtime, switch off and jump on the couch or into bed with a good book, and unwind! 


A nice warm bath, some candles and even some essential oils if you want to go all out, and you have yourself a relaxation station. A warm bath before bedtime will relax you, and help to prepare your body for bed time. 

Take the time

Preparing for sleep takes time, so why not create a nightly routine. A basic outline of a good pre-sleep routine would start with a relaxing and warm bath or shower, followed by your nightly skin care regime (moisturizer always makes us feel clean and fresh before bed time), and then a good book in bed before nodding off to sleep.

Tea vs Coffee

Some people swear by a hot drink before bed (especially in winter) but many of these include A LOT of caffeine. Coffee before bed is a recipe for disaster, and can keep you up all night long. Instead opt for a delicious herbal tea, which will calm you and prepare you for a nice night’s sleep.



One amazing way to keep calm and relax your body is to partake in a yoga or meditation class. Yoga classes usually have a relaxation part at the end, where the instructor will assist you with breathing techniques and relaxation methods. By doing this at nighttime you will relax your body and mind, and therefore induce sleepiness, ready for bedtime.

Clear your mind

Last but definitely not least – clearing our minds from work, life and family issues can be hard. Our technique is to write down a list of all the things you need to do/remember for the next day, or for the week so that your tasks are down on paper. It makes things more manageable so you’re not relying on your brain power to remember everything right before bed time. This clears your mind and worries which makes you more able to shut off and go to sleep.

So there you have it – our tips and tricks for sleeping more soundly and getting ready for bed. How many of you struggle to find a good life/sleep balance? Let us know your methods and how you prepare for a good night’s snooze!


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